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Progress pics and 2/3 of a year

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Today was my third fill, today the kids went BACK TO SCHOOL.

Both of these things are good for me. Great actually, not a fan of covid, but we're ending the second year of this pandemic and I am more than over it.

I don't know if I've mentioned this in my blog before but pre-pandemic my life was over-filled. My calendar often had more than one thing booked into a day, I was overwhelmed and overloaded. My kids had swimming year round plus at least one other extra-curricular on the go at a time. (Thanks to the Children's Foundation, credit where credit is due. We don't have the means to put the kids in a bunch of stuff, this isn't 1985, when a family can have a great big house, go on family trips, and kids can be in multiple extra-curricular's on one modest income) Add to that the fact I like people, well most people, I had an active social life. Pre-kids I went to every party I was invited to, as well as all Kent's gig's, open mic night, and planned monthly girls nights.

So suffice to say, I've had a girls night (of 5girls) and a few best friend girls weekends, but I've gone to a restaurant to eat inside twice in a year, and saw one band play and outdoor gig. COVID has sloooweed down my life. That said this prophylactic mastectomy business went FAST.

From the day I found out I had this mutant gene till the day my breast were amputated just under 6 months.

The day of my surgery they put in

50cc - December 2

50cc - December 21= 100cc total

100cc- January 4 =200cc total

100cc- January 18 =total 300cc

edited to add

130cc- February 1 total 430cc

edit to add

100cc- Feb 15-total 530cc

edit to add

March 1- 100cc fill total 630cc

Edit to add

march 21-100 cc total 730cc (final size)

will require extra 50cc then a 3 month wait for “permanent “ prosthetics

50ccmore - March 30= 780cc total

820cc- 40cc each added April 21


So today I asked (it's been six weeks) what restrictions I have.

Today's doctor said basically whatever I am comfortable with but definitely don't shovel cause the major problem would be if I like hit a bump. Also don't do things like pushups that force my pectoral muscles to flex.

But I'm allowed to sweep and mop, joy o'joys. But seriously this place needs a mop, so when the soreness settles down a bit tomorrow I will mop.

I don't know how many fills I will need to make my breasts (well my fake breasts) the size they used to be, but it will be awhile. I'm guessing I should also slow down with fill amount soon, my boobs had no stretch marks so I don't want my foobs to have them.

The expanders make these things ROCK hard. They also feel heavy. I think at my next appt I am going to ask if I can have a syringe. I assume they throw them out after each patient. Cause I don't know how much 50cc's is in relation to anything. It would be neat if I could fill a balloon with the different amounts to show you guys. Also to weigh.

I also want to take a look at the needle, it must be long, they go right through the muscle in order to fill the expander. Today the doctor told the resident that they have the metal backing to make sure the needle doesn't go straight through and puncture a lung. So that's good, please don't puncture my lungs, I like to breathe.

So yeah. I'm at 300cc boobs, all exchange surgeries are cancelled but fills are not. So come summer I will have what looks like boobs even if they are super hard, high and uncomfortable. On the plus side I don't have to buy bras, and I'm very much looking forward to not having to worry about bra straps. Bring on racerback tops, and backless dresses. I'll work on getting a six pack (eye roll, yah right) or losing the spare tire come March. Since there's covid protocals in place and my nursing station is changing at work, I may even (gasp) cut coffee to one cup a day, stop eating at my desk and start going for daily lunch walks.

As for my baby sister.

She has finished most of her IVF prep stuff hopefully the last step is done this week.

For now she is on the advanced screening program, so far she has done two MRI’s. Next step is her meeting at the women’s college to learn if oopherectomy or hysterectomy are next steps.

mom. We miss you. We all miss you.

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