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Brianne brought me to get my second drain out today. Yay.

im drain free so in 24 hours I can shower and stop antibiotic.

nurse says yesterday’s drain hole is healing up nice.


comfy pants easy to pull up. So joggers, not leggings. I was wearing the top w drain holders last few days so it’s gone in the wash.

just wearing one of my moms long cardigans with my mastectomy pillow my moms bestie made me. It’s basically a « my breast-friend pillow like for breast feeding except to protect my no-knockers

here’s the my breast friend

And here is an example of a mastectomy pillow my god mother made for me.

except the one my Godmother made is better. So tips. If u see. Mine has an around the neck strap that snaps on so it stays on me. It also has an adjustable strap across the waist so I just keep it on. It’s perfect. And on the outside it has 2 pockets. So phone and remote are always with me. More pockets the better.

oh yah nurse likes my curly hair, jokes on her, hasn’t been washed in 5 days.

covered in my cushion, cat, and blanket. Time for a nap

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