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Three Days Till Swap

That's my update.

The boulders come out Thursday morning. The "permanent" Implants go in Thursday morning.

There is a nursing crisis in my province, and so I'm very excited to get this out of the way as our healthcare is getting so much worse under Doug Fords leadership. Just another rich conservative asshole who can afford private care and thinks those with money deserve health and those with non deserve to die. Sorry not sorry, that's my opinion on him offering private healthcare answers.

Been doing crazy amounts of art which you can find on my instagram. This page will eventually become defunct, as for someone supporting a family of 4 paying any amount of money for a webpage is too much money. Instagram is free so I will continue to share my stories and updates there and eventually make a book.

At the end of August 3 pieces of my work will be published in a book called "We Had To Be, an Anthology" which will be available on Amazon.

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