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They served me well

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

I like my breast.

They served me well, my son was as fat, so fat, lots of leg rolls, a little butterball, and I attributed that to the fact my breast made him butter milk not skim milk... likely because I gained 80 whopping pounds while pregnant. He never slept and always ate. He was exclusively breastfed, as was my daughter.

breast did what it was supposed to
milk coma

(the boy, now just short of 8 years old, asleep after a good feeding)

While my youngest was a baby I saw an add looking for models for a breast feeding photoshoot. Me being the feminist I am, jumped right on that, today, never been so happy I did.

Beautiful pics that show that my breast although 60% chance they are trying to kill me, did at one point serve their purpose, keeping my babies nourished, and keeping my walled full - or less empty anyway. ( )

Ideally when they knock off these knockers, they can put some new ones in immediately. Unfortunately regardless of how this is done it will mean more surgery sites, or more surgeries down the road. Fortunately if I choose falsies I can say bye bye to underwire, and hello to perk. Cause after two littles growing these things and then shrinking them they just aren't as nice as they were 20 years ago.

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