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The Things that are appreciated Post-Mastectomy

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

A list from other previvors and survivors of useful gifts post mastectomy.

I like shopping, and over the course of this pandemic I've learned that making a big shopping list and "window" shopping and filling my virtual bag or cart is fun and activates the same dopamine as if I actually press the buy button.

And so I know most of these things wont be available on Amazon, I'm still gonna have fun building a list for you guys. My number one "love language" is "acts of service" so let me serve you :)

Foobs with heart tattoos. more of my art

Things to give/ get someone post Mastectomy

  • Love

  • your presence

  • Help cleaning the house

  • company

  • Heat and Eat home made meals

  • Hydro Flask or any water bottle with a straw

  • Blow out with a wash (if your loved one has hair)

  • DMX Pillow (I already have thanks to my God-Mum and mom's bff)

  • Laundry Service or help with laundry

  • Small pillows for under the arms

  • washed and ready to eat fruit, or an edible arrangement

  • If you go into her house, just start cleaning, sweep/vacuum don't even ask

  • love and support

  • NOTHING LAVENDER - Acts like hormones in Breast Cancer women

  • Help with the kids/kids school lunches/or take them a few hours

  • If she has to stay at the hospital overnight, hard candies are helpful for sore throat where tube was

  • an iRobot as a gift or lend yours if you have one

  • A rolling three tiered cart with sides like baskets (ikea or Amazon) That can be next to her with all her stuff (Books, remote, water, chapstick, snacks, then it can be easily rolled to the next place so no lifting required

  • Uber Eats and Skip the dishes gift cards

  • A back scratcher

  • A pregnancy pillow - I also already have this but plan to use an electric recliner

  • Flowers, Chocolate, love

  • Someone to help with dishes (so I bought myself a dishwasher, this is an easy one for me, come unload my dishwasher since I cant reach up post mastectomy)

All the things a mom would do if a mom was there
  • A good magazine

  • friendship

  • frozen dinners

  • Come to watch a movie and bring a smoothie

  • Bring coffee and something light to eat and come hangout and talk to her

  • hold her hand

  • button down pjs

  • A soft silky robe

  • Car belt pillow

  • a listening ear

  • come a week or two after when she is lonely, and bring support/love/kindness

  • A long charger cord for phone

  • wet wipes

  • no advice

  • regular phone calls and txts

  • Go for a ssssllllloooooowwww walk with her

  • time

  • wash her hair for her

  • Ask her if she wants you to sit with her, or do some chore, give her the choice

  • grocery service (I personally don't need this as I order online and pick up, but an offer to pick up groceries would be well received)

  • you

  • Pink Pockets (these are pockets that stick inside clothes to hold drains)

  • funny memes

  • your attention

I sure do miss you mom. Your cousin emailed me back, and dad has reached out to another, I've sent Liz all our info on the variant, and hopefully though we couldn't save you, maybe we can save them like we're saving ourselves.

Miss you mom, love you auntytrina xoxo

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