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The other side

We made it through Christmas, low key and relaxed.

Got inspired by another Christmas song made booby and made my own, remake.

enjoy...(p.s thé other song is at the bottom)

I want some healthy boo-oo-oobs for Christmas

Only a only a negative pathology will do

Don't want a bra, no capsular contracture

I want a some silicone high profiles to play with and enjoy

I want some healthy boo0oobs for Christmas

I don't think my hubby will mind, do you?

He won't have to see any puss or goo

Just bring him when they're done, that's the easy thing to do

I can see me now next Christmas morning, bouncing down the stairs

Oh what joy and what surprise when I feel my upper side

To see a perky, no nip boobie equal on every side

I want some healthy boo-oo-oobs for Christmas

Only a negative pathology will do

No rupture, no deflation

I only like healthy booOoobs

And perky big boobies like me too

( the actual I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas is a song written by John Coctoasten and performed by Gayla Peevey in 1953.)


Christmas was nice. And I mean it genuinely. The kids were up WAY too early. Eva got her barbie Dreamhouse it was all she had been asking for for MONTHS ( but no Santa did not GET the credit for that. )From Santa she got some Barbie's. Emmett got many, many, lego sets, mostly Minecraft Lego.

Dinner was a wonderful shepherds pie, and much too much candy.

I hate physio

I still hate physio, and I really miss my chiropractor, and I really really really miss my mom


‘‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house

Was a wandering post op woman with drains and button down blouse

It was hard to feel festive with the pain of a seroma

But grateful to have rid herself of carcinoma

The tree was barely decorated but the stockings were hung

The Shopping, curtesy of Amazon, had just barely begun

Knowing that Santa would soon be here

She asked for nothing, just happy not to have to wear a brazier

Her husband was all snuggled deep in the bed

Knowing that dinner prep laid solely on his head

It’s hard to feel festive when faced with mounting bills

And setting alarms for times to take pills

Doctors, Specialists, and “ologists” of all kind

Can make even the strongest start to lose their mind

But then what to her wondering eyes should appear

But the Jolly fat man himself, wagging his finger at her despair

“This may not be how you envisioned the Holiday

But you are here, which others cannot say”

He set about his duties placing presents under the tree

He still had that twinkle in his eyes, and turned and smiled at me

“May you find peace and comfort in your dream’s tonight

It is time for me to get on with my flight”

And just like that he was gone in a flash

As she crawled into bed she knew, that tomorrow she was throwing a bash!

by Kristie Horn (member of my double/single mastectomy support group.)

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