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The absolute joy

The Joy of Breast Feeding

To those of you who have had the joy of breastfeeding your babies, this post is for you.

Remember when people told you that if you were breastfeeding right it wouldn't hurt?

Except that was only partially true. It didn't hurt and it was easy if you were doing it right... AFTER your nipples got used to it. Before your nipples got used to it it was OK the first day or two, Then your milk came in and you had that strange sensation of let down, followed by your child nursing every 3 hours around the clock for 40 minutes at a time. (couldn't have been just me) Then your nipples got chapped, like so chapped it hurt if anything touched them, it hurt even if a breeze blew on them and you struggled through until your body adjusted or you gave up and switched to a bottle.

That is me right now. With no lovely lanolin nipple cream to save the day, with somewhat more sleep, and with muscle pain and still dreading sneezing, on and no baby, no giant boobs and no nipples. I just want to cut my boobs off and throw them away... except I already did. wahhhhhhh.

Physio, physio is it's on separate level of HELL. The next day it feels good but doing it is going to require my forehead to get botox. I wonder if my plastic surgeon offers that at a reduced rate to dmx patients? I never want to lift my arms again let alone FIVE times a day for all the exercises. I SHOULD stop feeling sorry for myself as I don't actually have cancer, like it could be worse, grow up baby. Also I got my surgery within 6 months of even finding out I have this gene mutation, and I got it before OMNICRON or whatever this Covid strain/variant is shut down the province AGAIN, so the worst part is over.

Visited my plastic surgeon Dr.Avram today, he says I'm healing perfect, and this HELL pain wont last forever and I will likely get my first fill next week Tuesday, and I am to call my other surgeon to see if my appt can be switched to Tuesday so I can do both in one shot. I only did my physio twice today but thats twice more than yesterday and once more than the day before that. So anyway half my stitches have dissolved and he said he will likely cut out the end knots next week. New dressings on so now it's just two nice simple tape strips which he said I don't really need but they help it not feel the rubs from my clothing. (So basically can I put like 50 more layers on cause it hurts. I'm such a baby) I did think of another annoying pain comparison for the phantom nipples. So you know how it feels the immediate second a cat scratches you. It's like that cat is scratching not again and again, just still but you can't yank yourself away. fun right?

I did have a lovely ride there and back with Emmett's 3rd grandma Donna (Claires ma') which provided wonderful conversation and distraction from the burning pain, and my appointment was super fast with no waiting in the waiting room, in and out of the hospital in under 20 minutes, from the screener, to patient intake, to the third floor reception, one min in a chair and into the office, so theres that.

Enough for tonight. That's a wrap. Pass the meds.

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