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Thanks that was fun.

Sorry with the BNL soundtrack to my life.

Yesterday was my “overfill” I was the size I liked yesterday pre-fill but once you are at the size you like they put 50cc more in. So now I am at a whopping ouch. (video is from when Dr.Coroneos filled me up to 730cc adding 100cc last week)

since these aren’t my real boobs ya’ll get to see. Plus honestly how is future someone like me gonna know without pics, and pics are hard to find. (Don’t expect pics of the real implants w whatever tattoos I eventually choose)

Looking a bit more like breast than someone run over in a car accident, these days.

If anyone knows where to get some temporary tattoos for nipples in CANADA without a $20 shipping fee on a sheet of stickers or temp tattoos, please comment on this post as to where. Or if anyone knows how to DIY temp tattoo's please send me a link to your info so I can draw myself some fancy temp tattoos.

Fun fact the amount of wine in your average wine bottle is 26 oz = between 750-780cc... If these girls were full of wine we'd have two bottles, and that would be actual fun.

Now that I am OVER filled I wait 3-4 months apparently. "They" said call "Cindy" and she might be able to give me a date as there are no more delays as per Covid, but I called "Cindy" and she said no she did not have dates, I have to wait on a call from her. Last time I did that I was told my surgery wouldn't be till 2022, but then was called for an appt in nine days. Did I mention that I have a type A personality, or also that my summer vacation requests have to be in by this Friday.

So ya. That sucks. Here is a fun pic I drew of what I picture happening if I over filled too much.

I was told usually expanders can handle 1.5 what their max capacity is. Which I "think" someone told me they are Full at 500 but I'm at more than 750cc and so far the above picture hasn't happened.

Today I've wanted to call my mommy multiple times.

My chest hurts I want to wine, or is it whine, either way I want that. Instead here I am at work on my lunch break, on tylenol and advil not pleasant "real" pain-killers sleeping the day away. It's March, it was hailing this morning... things suck the end.

Love you momma bear

this one's for you.

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