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The long and winding road

Here we are 10 days post op

Not gonna lie some days are mostly horrible, but so far I seem to be healing well. Trying to do my physio now that I have the video to watch. (Disclaimer graphic images at very bottom of this post)

For anyone else who gets mastectomy with expanders under the muscle the exercises I was given are basically deep breathing through the nose out the mouth. and shoulder rolls front wards and backwards with hands straight out not to go above a 90 degree angle until cleared by surgeon, whom I will see on Wednesday.

My nightly living room company

Yesterday was plus 15. That's like HOT for December in Ontario, and my sister visited, and she fixed things my mom would have fixed, and loved my kids, and then another friend took the kids both overnight and today has been good. I don't want to jinx myself as it is only 4 and theres 3 more hours till bed time, but Eva has been entertained by friends all day and Emmett got private time with mom and dad, to create and talk and play before heading out to the neighbourhood jingle-mingle with his best friend.

I can not stress enough, how grateful I am for my village, and I hope everyone can have friends and family as wonderful as mine.

Today I washed my hair all by myself. I'm going back and forth between trying to sleep in my own bed (just purchased a wedge pillow from Amazon) and continuing to sleep in the recliner. I think it may be a few more days till I get back to my bed.

how do I feel. Mostly tight I guess, like I’m being squeezed. And also like chapped where my cleavage is or like I got a sun burn there snd things keep rubbing. Oh and fatigued and sometimes my stomach doesn’t feel good, and my hormones are all over the place.

disclaimer in a minute there will be scars, so if that makes you queasy don't look but if you have this operation coming up then you may be interested to see progress.

Dmx mastectomy
Dmx w expanders under the muscle
Dmx w expanders/spacers under the muscle.

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