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Six Months

Time heals all wounds "they" say.

"They" suck.

I have a feeling this wound wont be healed in time. I no longer try to pick up the phone to call my mom every time I get bored. I do however, get stung often.

Examples of things that sting.

Child calling out to their grandparent at a park.

Grandparent mentioning how special their grandchild is, and talking about a memory just created with them, or even an older memory as long as the child is over the age of mine.

Grandparents pushing a stroller.

Facebook Memories that come up with pics of mom.

The other night Emmett was reading to me from his top bunk (btw mom you'd be so proud, he's so great at reading now) and he peeked down to the couch below him, and saw I was crying. He asked why I was sad and I said I was thinking about you. He responded "yes that is sad".

Eva was looking through her own book "Princess Pinecone" and she always tells me who each of the ponies are at the back of the book. Every time we read it, she will tell me. This one in the pink sweater is you, this one here is me this is aunty Trina, this is aunty Sandra etc. This time she also pointed out "this one is grandma but she is laying down" and "this one is oma but she is laying down" this one is "uncle Kevin but he is laying down." "All the ones that are laying down have died OK?"

We're coping, all in our own ways I suppose, all missing you.

xo mom.

Love you, it's been too long already.

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