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Sisterhood of the travelling ...

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Genes. Yup not Jeans, not pants, but mutant genes.

Bad genes for you, and bad genes for you and bad genes for you, and well, who knows about the little one we wont test her for 13 more years. grrr.

So we're all cut from the same cloth, could have passed down her blue eyes, or long legs, but instead we got her PALB2 mutation.

So I guess, we are LUCKY. Much luckier than mom, but I'm still pissed. My parents are not short of cash and I thoroughly believe that my mom should have been told back during her first diagnosis of cancer that because she has daughters does if she wants to find out if she has a cancer gene, here is the cost of the test. I think, though I'll never have the chance to ask her, that my parents would have paid for this test, and in doing that the choice of avoiding cancer the second time would have been made available to her, as it is available to Katrina and I.

This is my baby sister. I was 8 years old when she was born and she was my baby, I always wanted a baby sister. My mom gave me one, best present my mom ever gave me, and I mean she always gave me what I wanted for my birthday/Christmas, cause she always asked what it was I wanted. Except that time she gave me her bad genes.

My second favorite gift was when I asked for red wine glasses, I had plenty of white wine glasses but wanted those big bowl like ones for red wine. Christmas came and I got some beautiful, red crystal WHITE wine glasses. My mom was seriously adorable, I kept the red crystal wine glasses and they remind me of her trying so hard to find pretty red colored glasses.

So if I'm looking at the world through "rouge" coloured glasses. I'll say AT LEAST Katrina and I now know and can make choices for our life.

if I'm looking at the world through "rouge" coloured glasses, then I'm happy my mom doesn't know we have these genes, she would be sad and stressed out, so she dodged that by going early.

If I'm looking at the world through rouge coloured glasses, At least the surgeon I am meeting with is allowing Katrina to come with me... At least the we have the ability to test for these genes, to covid vaccinate, to know what the genes do etc... and at least my dad, and husband don't have these genes, or didn't pass them on if they did, otherwise one of my siblings could have got childhood cancer, or one of my own kids.

So if you know my sister, you know she is indirect, often trying to get an answer out of her is nearly impossible. I don't know if she will ask for help, so just tell her what you're gonna do to help her. Once she decides what she is going to do. Which personally I hope is chopping off her bad, scheming killer boobs, and keeping me into her very old age.

Anyways. I love my baby sister.

and I miss my mamma.

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