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Saw the General Surgeon

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

On Tuesday my sister came and took me to my first surgery appointment. She wont get in to see her own surgeon for 6 months, so she may have got some answers.

I didn't really learn much to be honest, so I'm guessing and hoping that I'll get in to the reconstructive surgeon for answers soon.

What can I do to prepare my body for surgery? (she kind of laughed at me and said that I look young and healthy there's not much to do)

Am I a candidate for keeping my nipples? yes, and this is called Nipple Sparing

Are there any pro’s to this?

no - though some people want them for aesthetic purposes

Are there cons to keeping your nipples ? yes, they can have complications, they also keep some of your genes in them so instead of dropping the chance of breast cancer to about 3% you're actually raising the chance. Not dramatically, but I wont be keeping them.

Can I go direct to implant? Yes

Can I get Breast Lift at same time? Yes - yesssss!

How long is surgery? 3-6 hours

What hospital? Juravinski Cancer hospital Hamilton

What is the wait time?

I have had a mammogram, so now I have to get an MRI done in Kitchener at the advance screening center,

How can I prepare for my MRI examination?

GRH's policy requires all patients to change clothing into a hospital gown for an MRI examination, regardless of obvious metal. Modern athletic wear for example can contain metallic fibers. These fibers have been documented to cause burns.

You must remove all metallic objects from your body including piercings, dermal piercings and jewelry.

If you recently had a tattoo, you will need a six (6) week healing period before entering the MRI for your exam. If you do not wait the full six weeks, your tattoo may heat up and smear.

Examination type: Chest

Preparation: None

Procedure time: 60 minutes

What to expect: Examination to evaluate the chest, including the heart and great vessels. May involve the injection of intravenous contrast media.

Also a consult has gone in for me to meet the plastic surgeon to ask all the rest of my questions. Then once MRI results get to Dr. Hodgson then it is a 3-6 month wait for a surgery date. So now I'm re-reading this and wondering if they mean 3-6 months until the date of surgery, OR, 3-6 months till someone calls me with a surgery date... I'll have to confirm

How long after until I can tattoo over my scars? approximately 1 year

breast tattoo
pretty tattoo of mastectomy patient
Nipple Tattoo

Photo's from patients of Dr.Avram

Will there be a second surgeon assisting? Yes


Plastic Surgeon Dr.Avram (his website here)

So, we learned some stuff but not really much.

A few things we did learn are ...

Lunch on patios are nice and we missed a full year of that and hope they stay safe and delightful all summer.

Lady Glaze donuts are also super good, (mom would have approved) and I need to stay away from walking downtown as I've had two days off this week and Lady Glaze was included in both of those days.

ALSO BUY THE IRSSS - donut until July 4 all proceeds to go Indian Residential School Survivor Society

Miss you mom

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