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The end and the beginning.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

20 Days ago my mother died.


In hospital... thanks pandemic hospital rules. Southlake General f you too.

She was 2 days short of her 65 birthday.

Her name was Linda Ann Mari (Hewitt) and she was pretty damn incredible.

This was her second battle with breast cancer, her first battle with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. After her diagnosis (November 2020) she did gene testing, and they found that she had a gene mutation to her PALB2 gene. There is a 50% of passing this gene to your kids. Eight weeks and 3 days ago I did the gene test.


Saturday I turned 40... and yesterday I found out that I have the PALB2 gene mutation.

This hopefully will be my story of avoiding cancer by having a double mastectomy.

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