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Out of surgery

Biggest fear- death. Now over and on to next no capsular contraction and no infections.

Don’t scroll if you don’t want “offensive” pictures from before and current.

Yesterday a fantastic friend of mine took me into the hospita, from there everything moved super fast.

got my IV in had a dr tell me some puns while I got my sleepy gas. Woke up hours later in a different gown.

On my way for sleep time. One IV, not even a big scary needle to see like en route to cesarean section

straight out of surgery, new gown, but what is underneath ?

nothing? Certainly not my beautiful killer boobs from before.

trigger warning, don’t look at the next it’s my before boobs (which now live in medical waste and pathology.

last chance. next has nipples if u don’t wanna know my old breast stop now.

oops, there they were. Snap chatted

and no filter

And that was yesterday…

here is today.

Tired, thankful for my husband, the electric recliner, Catherines medical mobile . And my children my fabulous children (8&5) who made me thes cards ready when I got home.

Update tomorrow xoxo love you all

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