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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Scroll to the bottom for everyone elses links, the next bit is just a bit about me, Kristina.

So this thing about me... I have a compulsion to research what is going on, what resources, there are for people in need. (fun fact, I'm now in need. Guess that's good news for you if you're also needing as many personal journeys as me) I'm doing that research for you. Just find me. (and scroll to the bottom for everyone elses stories)

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I had just graduated graphic design at George Brown College in London Ontario. I moved to Guelph, and after a co-op position doing really really boring typography, I got a really low paying job at a free music/arts/entertainment newspaper/magazine. That job was super fun, I worked with one of my best friends (Liz) My job there was to find out what was going on and to list it. So all I did all day was look up different things that interested me. Arts, culture, festivals, music. and list where and when. Following that I started liking the show catfish... maybe my next career will be private detective, but for now I'll research the hell out of PALB2, mastectomy, and reconstruction, and I'll do it with the same gusto and gung-ho of researching my wedding planning. So here I start with other peoples blogs, cause let's be honest, I hate textbooks, and I never want to go back to school. I want to know from real people what it was like from their perspective. I want to feel the feels, I want to empathize and feel validated in my feelings. Also I want to steal their resources, and get the cliff notes, and ask the things that no one has written to ask etc, etc.

I've been looking up other peoples blogs and I'll link to them here, so you can follow other peoples journey's if you have this pesky mutation PALB2, or BRCA1, BRCA2, or need a mastectomy due to another breast cancer, or maybe a cancer that isn't breast cancer but has spread to your breast. (disclaimer I've gathered these all from the facebook pages I follow, and since I'm like 2 weeks into this journey I have not read every blog post on every one of them yet, but I will, and if they suck I'll delete them)

facetime, cancer, palb2
conversations during covid and cancer

love Mom ooxx

3 months into diagnosis.


Miss you mom - Kids report cards came in, she would have been so proud... again.

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