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One month post op

Today I had my second fill. Here I am 200cc’s per side.

I think this was my most fun appointment yet, though paying for parking really annoys me.

So the reason this was my favourite was all the new students are starting, new semester and all . Totally random reason right? No and this is why. Things I might not think to ask a student might ask.

So my last (and first, I suppose) appointment with Dr.C Regarding reconstructive surgery there was a student who was just ending his residenc/placement whatever. So the student had more time than the surgeons, and he was super nice, and explained step by step stuff and made me feel really comfortable. Plus when he didn’t know an answer I could still ask the Dr. when he came in at the end of the appointment.

This time it wasn’t my first post op, it was my third. So I knew what it would entai. first post op was the reconstructive surgeon Dr.A, a like 5 minute check up, and no fill. Second was Dr.A again with my first fill of 50cc. (50cc had also been put in during surgery) Today I drove myself all the way to Hamilton. Woot! I had a doctor I’d never met before and a new student.

I got to learn about how they find the spot to inject. I got to see the tools for longer. I got to hear the residents questions. Most of which I had learned on my online groups. Like that patients come but-weekly for fills, until they get to the size they like. Once at that point they do one extra fill, then wait 3-4 months and exchange out for the implants.

The doc showed his student how to find the magnet to know where to place the needle.

I also learned that the fills will continue despite Covid restrictions however the surgery for exchange may be delayed.

The resident asked if fills like this are what most do following mastectomy and this doctor said they are the second most often thing done after mastectomy. The dr told his student that the most common is no reconstruction. So that seems promising that surgeons or doctors seem to realize many women prefer to just be done with the pain and surgeries. Hopeful that some doctors would let people know that and not just assume that a woman “needs” her boobs. (I heard a lot on my flat pages that staying flat was something they had to fight for)

The plastic surgeon also mentioned often he gets comments that his hands are so shaky for s surgeon. But they aren’t it’s just that the needle is so small and it takes a lot of pressure to push the fluid in. This syringe is 50cc. I got two in each side. (spoiler alert, I still look flat, but if I put a sports bra on they could look like pecs… as if I work out, but then there’s my lack of abs so, come’on boobs, make me look slim again)

Practical me also has made a mental note twice to email the patient rep and suggest hooks in the bathroom that are actually accessible to breast cancer/surgery patients, not above our heads.

So far today I have not taken medication at all #proud. For the moment I am back to feeling like I have a thousand scratches running across my chest.

miss you mom. Wish you were here.

we’re getting outside more. I’m gonna call the company to come for their recliner… just not yet. I like my space. Also school

is delayed “two weeks” again re Covid.

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