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National Previvor Day

I am lucky.

my sister is lucky

my kids are lucky

if you are a previvor

you are lucky

you have not died of cancer

you have not battled cancer

you have choices and time to think them through

Boobs are bombs

As of 2014 PALB2 gene mutation has been linked to breast cancer.

My mother was not lucky this mutation was not tested for in the early 2000’s when she was diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer . At that time her cancer was caught early and because of science she was able to beat it. She was not so lucky when PALB2 let a second more agressive triple negative breast cancer invade. She was not lucky when no chemo worked and she was deemed terminal. She was not lucky when she passed away alone, in hospital six months later.

Because she got cancer that second time she was tested for gene mutations, and in finding she had one (PALB2) my sister and I and future descendants of my brother and I have the opportunity to beat breast cancer before it beats us.

Because of this we are considered Previvors.

Lady lumps

Cancer Fucking Sucks, people With it suffer greatly, their family lose parents, and siblings and kids.

As I write this my brother in law gasps for breath he has been in excruciating pain since June. He has bone cancer. He was painfully transferred to hospice yesterday afternoon. He is not luck… the phone just rang. He has passed away. 4:30 pm September 29, 2021. Kevin Smith beloved brother to my husband, Sandra and Debora. Finest funniest funnest uncle ever to my kids. He was not even 60. His parents in their 80’s have outlived him, just as my grandma outlived my mom.

its fucking bullshit.

We all know of someone who has had cancer, and with research slowly we are finding ways to cure and also prevent different types.

Take them killer lumps of tissue

I have the opportunity to avoid breast cancer. (Or to drop the chance of getting it from 60-80% down to aprox 2-4%)

hey hey

ho ho

these killer titties have got to go.

I miss you mom

i miss you already Kev

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