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My Last

This will be my last blog post. at $150/year a more reasonable thing for me to do is put that money into a publishing app and create a book to share and sell on Amazon. But I thought I'd give one more update.

Losing your mom SUCKS.

Losing your mom near mothers day, and her birthday also SUCKS

Losing your mom, when your dad has never every supported anything you've done in your life SUCKS

Your kids not having a grandparent they can be close with SUCKS

seeing 8 billion mothers day ads SUCKS

It sucks no less 2 years later, perhaps more.

The world is open again post pandemic and all the things everyone else is doing with their mom's that I can't do is more evident with an open world.

My mom was so important in my children's lives. She LOVED their company and taking them on adventures. She loved coming to stay and reading to them, and seeing their art and knowing them. Now it's just Kent and I to give them that love, and it sucks, cause move love is always appreciated.

In terms of surgery.

Mastectomy is done.

Reconstruction is done.

Flower nipples are done - and BONUS there was no feeling during the tattoo so I plan to get more.

Art continues over on Instagram at palb2fyou_previvor

I've got my lemonista certificate to educate people on how to do breast exams, when to contact their doctor what to look for and I highly encourage you to download the knowyourlemons app (which is free) it will help you to know when to see a doctor and remind you to do your exam and book mammograms.

Early detection saves lives and I only hope Canada changes it's recommendations like the states to be mammograms every 2 years after the age of 40. A mammogram will never harm you and might save your life.

In honor of mothers day this year, do your freaking breast exams if you have kids. Guess what we like our mom's alive better than dead, so ya' it's not hard. Once again for those in the back.

Early detection SAVES LIVES, preventative mastectomies/hysterectomies etc SAVE LIVES.

The best mothers day gift my mom could have given me is the knowledge of this crappy mutation so that I will still be here to be a mother to them.

-peace, love and preventative health.

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