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Gratitude continues



edible arrangements

husband, kids, co-workers, neighbors and friends. I’m being wll cared for. Drain removal on one side today. No fever or infection.

heck I even pooped for the first time since Wednesday and, wiped my own butt. Woot woot. This mastectomy pillow is awesome it’s become my permanent remote and phone holder. I’ve mastered getting up Into my electric recliner despite my shortness handicap. I’m tired. Drugs are working.

I’ll post more pics tomorrow once second drain is removed. Then I’ll only have 24 more hours of antibiotics/stool softeners and till I can shower.

for now it’s snowy, I’m cozy and drowsy.

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That's my update. The boulders come out Thursday morning. The "permanent" Implants go in Thursday morning. There is a nursing crisis in my province, and so I'm very excited to get this out of the way

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