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It's been a while

In August I had my swap surgery

there were Zero complications

I used silicone scar tape

My scars look OK

Last week I got nipple tattoo's that are not nipples

I've been spreading info on my instagram with art Almost daily

come check out my art and info over there.

Kristina (@palb2fyou_previvor) • Instagram photos and videos

Here's another tid bit of info that's important for your health.

Chemical hair straighteners from brands like L'Oreal, Dark, Lovely, and Just for Me, have been on the market for years.

Unfortunately, women who use hair straighteners may be at greater risk of developing uterine cancer, breast cancer, and endometriosis, among other conditions, according to a recent National Institutes of Health study.

Please take a look at it here:

Heres a few pics

scar mastectomy
my scar

The pic below is now on both of the spots my nipples would be had they not been removed

I have also become a "lemonista" I can teach you all about how to do a breast exam properly.

Below are the 12 signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and with the free app "know your lemons" you can learn how to do an exam, learn more about symptoms, get monthly reminders to do your check etc. Download it.

and finally a painting I did as part of the "traveling pink dress" project. You can check that out on instagram aswell and if you fit a size 2-10 you could be the next wearer of the traveling pink dress.

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