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I need my mom right now

Four in the and I’m wondering how I’m going to get to and from the hospital and who will shovel the driveway all winter which (husband has a bad back and ptsd) for the most part the PTSD has made me the driver in our family. And uh just thought we need to get the winter tires out. In 7 days I can’t lift. The list is growing and im scattered.

He will do some short drives around town if he can plan his day. Grocery pick up right after kid drop off, then medication, meditation, etc. So likely if I get him to drop me an hour away at the hospital I could drive there right after we drop the kids, then he still has to drive home. Which I know will be triggering for him as he doesn’t know the route and it involves highway driving.

coming home will be worse. I’ll be doped up and in pain, and we can’t make a schedule cause I don’t know when I’m released and he’s not allowed in the hospital, so he can’t just come hang w me. Get calm cantered etc, before driving home. He’d just see me in pain navigate getting in and painfully buckled, and then drive home without his meds.

i know I could call a cab to get home, which I may do. But I’d really rather have someone who cares pick me up.

i miss you so much mom. I’ve only had to go to the hospital for Two other surgeries and both times you were there in the hospital and at home after. I’m scared but mostly sad.

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