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Do Not Toot in the Tube!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

In order to have a mastectomy you must first have a MRI. MRI's freak some people out because they are claustrophobic, I guess... not me, I'm more afraid of the cost of parking at the hospital, and moths and mice. (this was a fast procedure though, I recommend parking somewhere you pay by the hour not day... like at a meter)

  • Strip down

  • put your gown on forwards

  • put another gown on backwards

  • take all metal off your body (jewelry)

  • wait in waiting room/hallway

  • get an IV port put in

  • enter room

  • be greeted by lovely nurses, despite the fact that staffing is ridiculously low at all hospitals right now. Again, thanks Covid.

  • remove shoes

  • remove gown covering your front side

  • get up onto the machine

  • get into a superman position

  • let those tata's hang down.

MRI was way better than the mammogram, my breasts were free and my chest was supporting them, and because it didn't hurt like a b**ch I had oh so much time to think, around the beeping and buzzing. If no beeping I could have fallen asleep as the rest sounded similar to my white noise machine.

Things I thought included.

  • I bet this machine was made by a woman. (I googled later, it wasn't but a woman funded the development of breast MRI's)

  • I really hope they don't find anything

  • I wonder how many of these my mom had to do

  • I hope Katrina's ultrasound comes back normal

  • My mom would have told me all about this and I wouldn't have been worried in the first place if she was around,

  • and... I hope I don't have to toot while I'm in here, man would that be embarrassing...

  • oh and don't move, don't move, don't move.

Results should be back soon as I went on Tuesday at 8am.

This weekend marks the first birthday of grandkids since my mom passed away.

Emmett becomes 8 without his grandma.

She would be there, she was always there.

This is Emmett and Grandma last summer, for a socially distanced, hug free visit.

My mom would have had cancer at this point, though she wouldn't find out for three more months.

The picture below is our bloodline mom's family. On her mother's 90th birthday October 2020 during covid. We broke rules. There were 13 of us, when the "law" allowed 10. It was a law worth breaking, my family were covid tested before we went and masks were worn except for the pictures outside. We even ate in different rooms. That was the last birthday Great Grandma Norma would get to spend with her oldest daughter, and I'm glad we didn't wait till Oct 2021 to celebrate. You never know what could be your last of something.

That's it for today.

Miss you mom. Love you.

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