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3 weeks

How’s it feel?

i hate physio. But that’s no surprise, I also hate weight lifting and strength training and basically everything except walking, riding a bike and Zumba/yoga. So doing the same stretches sucks, especially when it’s like worrying about the incisions ripping open while stretching. (Click pic to see the rest of my drawings in Instagram)

my chest simultaneously feels like I’ve been punched in both boobs and then got rug burn in the same spot.

so if I wear a front zip sports bra it pads the incisions a bit and doesn’t let the vitamin E oil ruin all my (husbands) shirts. But then the middle part where the seam is rubs my super raw cleavage area.

its awesome.

i did sleep in my own bed last night.

and I have been cleared to drive, but can’t drive on these meds so I’m not really cleared to drive.

anyway. I’m ok.

made a tiktok to try and bring some sexy back, to my bodacious bod. sexy is really just an attitude anyway right? I’ve seen plenty of otherwise hideous looking people who look great cause of their attitude… or talent with makeup.

(click pick to see what the girls look like under construction)

could be better

could be worse.

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