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3 days post op- AKA Sunday

Warning probably but no nipples no explicit conten? who knows. Below are some after pics. Too doped up to write real proper stuff today. Love my husband and all those helping and praying and etc.

my only wish was that I had a swinging table. Like the meal trays at hospitals or on airplanes and a reasonably heighten bag full of all my most uses stuff. Markers pencils. I’d like to start sending cards.

look at that hero like smile. Can’t scoot back in my chair or open a door by myself . Brute strength doesn’t come in muscle mass. You can quote my stoned butt.

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That's my update. The boulders come out Thursday morning. The "permanent" Implants go in Thursday morning. There is a nursing crisis in my province, and so I'm very excited to get this out of the way

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